Pourquoi à Ainsa, pourquoi en Espagne

Pourquoi à Ainsa, pourquoi en Espagne

Aínsa, Sobrarbe, Zona Zero: one of the best places in the world for ride enduro in a mountain bike.

There are four main reason for seing that:

  • Trails.
  • People and culture.
  • Weather
  • Environment.

Magic tufa’s limestone river ainsa singletrack

The Trails. The old singletrack network. Ride up, ride down.

Ainsa has been home of the 7th Enduro World Series in 2018 and 2015.

In 2015 Sport’s top riders and media awarded Ainsa with the Enduro Race of the Year of Pinkbike. The race’s tracks was there the most important criteria of the choice. The people has make the rest.

A little bit of history.

The history of Ainsa’s mountain bike trail centre began in 2005, when a local group start to recuperate some trails, for biking or trekking use. The entire area was very well preserved, with no many roads or fire tracks been made. So, they found a huge amount of trails to recuperate. And still growing

Later on, spring 2011, a group of local business owers found the trail centre itself. They named Zona Zero.
Nowadays Zona Zero have more thant 50 defined routes, including more than 500 km of singletrack.  All of them were the old footpath who communicate villages, meadows, lands or the water sources of Ainsa’s shire, the Sobrarbe.
That’s the reason why singletrack here are natural, created by the passage of people, domestic animal or wild criatures in hundred, sometimes thousand of years.

As a result, you have a huge network for biking all year around, find awesome sceneries, ride throw the mountains and pass by old sometimes unhabitated villages.

Easily endorfines will grow in your body.

(Please enjoy this video about the history of the trails by activating the english subtitles in the options bar )

The trails.

Here the singletracks vary from rocky and technical in the sun expoused faces, to loamy and clean in the northern slopes, where the forest is much more frequent. Loose rocks aren’t rare, but there’s no really a hard-tecnical terrein.

One think making Ainsa’s trails speccial is the fact there are many singletrack for climbing. Yes, they are not to step, not to difficull. You will find yourself riding up really funny sections, kepping the best for the downhill.

After a few minutes pedaling from the village, is not impossible been in the middle on a film scenery. One deserted village, a mountain view, cicling in a riverbed, a deep forest or a badland desert. Feeling nowhere is a fact.