Get the most out of your bike.

And Amazing Place to ride.

We offer enduro MTB skills courses for those who want to improve their abilities riding singletrack.

Low ratio: front 2 to 6 riders.


1. Learn how to set your bike:

Suspensions: Set the SAG and rebound, shock and fork.
Cockpit: how to get more comfort and less paint.
Tyres: choice of pressure, pattern, carcase and compound in every occasion


2. Enduro MTB Skills.

Body position: bike and body dynamic
Braking: power and modulation.
Cornering: line choices, commitment, brakes and body

Levels: from 1 to 4

  1. Introduccion to MTB. You have very little or no experience of road riding. You know how to ride on pavimeted road and go biking at least once every month. You want to try off-road riding for an, eventually, start to mountain bike.
  2. Riding in Single track. One year (or more) of off-road riding experience. Owning a mountain Bike and ride it every mont, at least. You feel confortable while riding in gravel tracks and in most forest roads or double track. You also ride some gentle singletrack. You’re aspiring to ride more singletrack and challenging terrain.
  3. Progession. You got more tan two years of MTB in your legs. You ride twice or more at motn. You know how to use gears, brake, and corner with confidence in rough double track and non-technical singletrack. You want to ride those more technical singletracks that you use to walk untill now.Advanced. You are very confident passing throw singletrack features like small drops (up to 30 cm/1 foot), tight turns, roots, rock gardens and loose rocks.
  4. Advanced. You know how to use brakes and gears instinctively. You are able to lift front and rear wheels, do small jumps, climb and descend steep sectioons of trails. You ride every week and rarely get off the Bike in techy sections.

Price: 30 euros/ person.