Aínsa Zona Zero is the perfect place to be riding on e-bikes. Although the e-bike specific routes still in development, electric mountain bikes had been seen in Aínsa for few years already. Nevertheless, one of the most notorious riders here had been one of the e-bikes pioneers too. Lots of local riders, like me, had made the decision of taking an e-bike to go further away on our adventures.

All Mountain for e-bikes.

Aínsa Zona Zero is a reputed place to race Enduro. However, if there´s something here that can be even more special is the All Mountain characters of many of the routes. As many people says, there are hundreds of possibilities were the climb are at least as technically demanding as are the descent. They are really fun. But those incredible routes are physically demanding too. As a result, you can´t do those thing day in and day out.

However, with an e-bike and some skills they are accessible to almost everybody.

Locals e-bike riders had been doing routes combining different single tracks. And the results are lots and lots of fun.

E-bikes: Fun up & fun down.

Even in the flat section you get one of those incredible feeling.

Those routes are pieces of the normal ones… maybe in the opposite direction; sometimes unknown variants; or very steep climbs. The focus is mixing the most interesting parts for making something really special. There are also routes designed to be ridden in some events with normal bikes. But you need to be Olympic to make one of those things in good conditions.

AND there are new trails… specific for e-bikes TOO.


Recently cleared rocky trail near the Lake

There are a few new trails coming up to play with. Most of them are really incredible.

We like to explore, open new trails, clear the old ones and we try to know all that happens in the area related to single tracks.

Would you like to join us for an E-MTB ride? Just come to enjoy. We promise a very distinctive and amazing ride.